Miller Student Council

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Hello Miller Students,

Due to Covid-19 we will not be having any student council meetings and school closure has been extended until May 1. Stay healthy and its a great day to be a mustang.

Hello Miller Students,

If you would like to apply for the leadership class, information is at the bottom of this page. Please read all of the information and join the google classroom.

Here is the Music In the Quad request form:

Hey Miller! Music in the Quad will be starting this week and will be every week on Friday. This will only happen if we keep the Miller Quad clean. If it is not clean music in the quad will not happen.

Student Council Elections:

All 6th & 7th graders, please view the videos in this folder to review the speeches of candidates for your next year student council officers. You MUST be signed in with your CUSDK8 account to view them. There are 4 videos, so you may watch them all in one sitting, or split them up how you please. Keep in mind that you will want to watch them all prior to voting on Friday 4/3. Another link will be sent to 6th/7th grade students via email on Friday to vote. For now, just start watching the videos. Good luck to all candidates!

Leadership Elective Applicants:

Attention all 6th/7th grade students. If you are interested in applying for the Leadership Elective next year please join our Google Classroom for the online application. You should use the code: myzzgv4. The application is open for ALL 6th/7th grade students -- even if you did not select it on your elective form, you are welcome to apply. All applications must be completed BY the student who is applying, and all parts of the application should be completed (don't skip any questions!). Applications are due on Friday 4/10. Note that if you apply, you will need to also get a teacher recommendation. Information for that will be listed on the Google Classroom. if you have questions about the application, you can email; or