Green Week

We will be hosting a Green Week this year from April 19th to 23rd, see below for more details!

Details Below!

Happy Green Week! To participate in this week, make a copy of this document. When you are done filling out the document, submit it on this form. This form is due by May 5th by 11:59 pm. By doing these environmentally conscious activities, YOU can earn green points! Similar to PBIS rewards, you can exchange these points for prizes. 4 points will get you a sticker from a sustainable business, 6 points will get you a succulent, and you can get a reusable boba straw with 10 points! Have fun :)

Also, remember to remind your teachers to sign up for a 5-7 minute presentation for their 4th period class that the Charity and Green committee will be offering on plastic use and water waste. Remind your teachers to check for an email from Mrs. Orcutt & Mrs. Pollock that provides more details for this presentation and a sign up sheet!

Have any questions?

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