Tech Talks & Seminars

Thank you to everyone who joined the seminar!

Second seminar of the year!!

Feb 24 @ 3:15 to 4pm by Miller Counselors, Mr. Mach and Ms. Valone

Topic: Learning to Care for Yourself and Cope with Stress

Self-Care Seminar


Do you want to learn to cope with academic stress?

Do you want to learn to communicate with others to reach out for help?

Do you want to care for yourself more?

If so, attend the Self-Care Seminar with our school counselors, Mr. Mach and Ms. Valone!

Date: February 24, 2021

Time: 3: 15 pm-4pm

40 min talk with 20 min Q&A!

Stay tuned for more info!

Second tech talk of the year!

March 18@3-4pm by Grace Ling-Former Miller Student(Anime Artist, Bioengineer, Game Developer, and designer)

Topic: Combining Art and Technology: Lessons Learned as an Anime Artist, Bioengineer, Game Developer, and Designer.

Food Insecurity

Here are the slides from our first seminar!