Homeroom Information

Spirit Week Participation Forms

Gamers vs. Ballers Monday participation form link.

Twins vs. Frenemies Tuesday participation form link.

Universal vs. Disney Wednesday participation form link.

Devils vs. Angles Thursday participation form link.

Class vs. Class Friday participation form link.

Homeroom Standings




If you have any questions, please contact Serenity Chu, who is in charge of Homeroom.


Requirements to participate in Versus Spirit Days May 13th to May 17th:

Monday: gamers vs ballers

  • Gamers wear gaming shirts ex: xbox, playstation, mario bros.
  • Athletes wear sports jersey, active wear must represent one sport, or sport team wear such as a team merchandise

Tuesday: Twinning vs. Frenemy

  • Same outfits or same colors except shoes
  • Dress the opposite (Ex: One dresses up, one desses down)

Wednesday: Universal vs Disney

  • Disney: wear princess outfits ex. Crowns, wands, disney dress, disney merchandise, disney stuffed animals and avenger merchandise
  • Universal: universal studio merchandise, simpsons, spongebob, shrek, minions, harry potter merchandise. NO WEAPONS ex. Swords, thor hammer.

Thursday: Devils vs angels

  • Alt least 50% white/yellow/gold, can bring wings or halo, except shoes
  • At least 50% black/red, devil horns, devil tails, shoes

Friday: Class vs. Class

  • Teachers: Purple
  • 8th grade: Blue
  • 7th grade: Red
  • 6th grade: Green

Miller Student Constitution

The PDF version may be downloaded here.