Mental Health Resources

Local girl scout group, troop 60257, has put together some helpful videos about mental health. Mental health is important! Learn about how to focus on your mental well-being with the videos below. Here are some simple tools to help you rest and relax.



Meditation is a great way to relieve your stress and anxieties. Here's a video about the benefits of meditation as well as some useful tips on how to meditate. Make sure to check it out to learn about how to pursue a very helpful way to overcome your stresses and challenges.

Coping Mechanisms!

This video explores different ways to deal with stress and anxiety. Try using some of these coping mechanisms the next time you are feeling overwhelmed. Remember that different methods are going to work for everyone, so keep exploring until you find something that works for you.

coping mechanisms.MP4

Breathing Patterns!

Check out this video about breathing techniques to learn different ways to calm down. The next time you have those jitters before a test, try using one of these techniques. You can use these techniques anytime you need them, so try exploring what works for you.