Spirit Weeks

This page hosts all information about Spirit Weeks from
our Homeroom Committee.

Details for Mental Health Spirit Week (2/22 -26) posted here!

Learn more about how this spirit week will work below!

If you are interested in participating, make a copy of your Bingo Board by clicking the link HERE!

Submission form for PBIS points is linked on the Bingo Board!

The Bingo Board is due by 2/26 in the evening!

Watch the video at the right for more info how to use the Bingo Board & earn PBIS points!

Mindful Monday 2/22

Take-It-Easy Tuesday 2/23

Workout Wednesday 2/24

Tasty Thursday 2/25

Facetime/Family Friday 2/26

Mental Health Seminar!

Wednesday, 2/24, @ 3:15 PM

Hosted by our counselors: Mr. Mach and Mrs. Valone!

Join us to learn about:

  • Identifying academic stress and how to cope

  • Communication strategies for speaking with your teachers

  • Communication strategies for speaking with your parents/family about your academic life

Earn a square on your Bingo Board by attending!

Meet information will be posted on the day of the event.

More information can be found here.