Past Spirit Weeks

Games Spirit Week

Week of 10/3 - 10/7

Battleship Monday

  • Miller Merch! Anything that represents a Miller organization or activity counts as merchandise.

  • OR black & yellow. You must wear both colors to count!

Tic Tac Toe Tuesday

  • Wear stripes and polka dots

  • Please keep in mind that plaid does not count as stripes!

Wordle Wednesday

  • Wear green, yellow, or gray

  • You can also wear clothing with prominent lettering on it

  • Not all letters and words will count! Try to wear clothes with words that are 5 letters long!

Twister Thursday

  • Dress in any crazy outfits!

  • The bare minimum is to wear visible mismatched socks or a backwards t-shirt

Connect Four Friday

  • Wear either red AND yellow OR pair up with up 3 other people to connect 4

  • When pairing up with others, you DO NOT need to wear red and yellow.